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NOW NEEDS NEW. Sustainability is an urgent and multifaceted topic with high demands, that only real experts can provide. But no one can be an expert in everything. That’s why THE GREEN NETWORK unites knowledge from diverse industries to offer brands a unique package for their sustainable communication & entertainment needs. TOGETHER WE CAN MOVE MORE. We are Green Window Agency, CAA, act GREEN and GREENTECH FESTIVAL.
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Green Tech Award
Green Tech Festival
We’ve met during the creation of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL. Bonded via these shared roots, we uncovered the need for next level innovation & insight for brands’ individual sustainability journeys, that only a diverse ecosystem can provide.
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Within the network, we match you with the right expert for every task to serve the individual needs of your brand in the field of sustainable communication. From strategy to implementation, we work along the whole marketing value chain to emotionally charge your brands’ sustainability messages to excite diverse target groups.
From left to the right: Sibylle Kneer , act GREEN / Marco Voigt , GREENTECH FESTIVAL / Nico Rosberg , GREENTECH FESTIVAL / Kathrin Schiebler , Green Window Agency / Thomas Bober , Green Window Agency / Leander Uijttewaal , act GREEN / Josephine Woidtke , CAA / Benedikt Weiss , CAA
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Sustainable Partnerships & Entertainment

As a marketing agency within the world’s most prominent entertainment and sports agency, CAA Brand Consulting enables brands to boost their sustainability strategies by adding culture & entertainment, reaching audiences right where they are. VISIT THE CAA WEBSITE
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Creative Sustainable Communications & Solutions

Green Window Agency is the lead agency of the the GREENTECH FESTIVAL. They empower brands to succeed with green products & services and be part of a sustainable future through outstanding and creative communication. VISIT THE GWA WEBSITE
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Sustainable Live Experiences

act GREEN creates impactful experiences to help brands empower sustainability. They mastered creative and innovative experiences and events within the green culture. VISIT THE act GREEN WEBSITE

Biggest Sustainable Technology Platform & Event

As a first result and a great platform the three agencies, together with Nico Rosberg, created the GREENTECH FESTIVAL, where brands, activists, consumers and celebrities come together to drive change. VISIT THE GTF WEBSITE

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